»Significant improvement in protection against sperm DNA fragmentation«


Improvement of semen quality assessed by SHBA binding ability after 3 months of PROFERTIL® regimen

+19.7% increase of SHBA value
74.6% of subjects with less sperm DNA fragmentation
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Number of patients:
n = 107
(PROFERTIL® group: n = 67;
control group: n = 40)

EMJ Urol. May 2014;1:60-65.

Results indicate that PROFERTIL® may:
  • increase the possibility of successful conception and pregnancy
  • help prevent recurrent miscarriage 1)
  • have a positive effect on embryonic development 2)
  • increase the chances of successful conception in ART 1) 2)

1) Aitken RJ and Koppers AJ. Apoptosis and DNA damage in human spermatozoa. Asian J Andrology 2011; 13,36–42. 
2) Wong WY et al. Male factor subfertility: possible causes and the impact of nutritional factors. Fertil Steril 2000; 73:435-442.

DNA Study 2014; Increased hyaluronan acid binding ability of spermatozoa indicating a better maturity, morphology, and higher DNA integrity after micronutrient supplementation; Lipovac M. et al.; inclusion criteria: ≥ 1 year of subfertility, ≥ 2 pathological semen analyses; exclusion criteria: aspermia, varicocele, azoospermia, urogenital infections.

PROFERTIL®: #1 proven efficacy in male fertiltiy
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Pregnancy rate avg. 26-41%